Software Engineer Java (f/m/d)

von: Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence / HTC | Ort: Zürich
N: HexagonManufacturingIntelligenceHTC
You should be well versed and have good practical experience in the following topics:

  • 5+ years experience in Java, Java Spring boot or similar languages and frameworks 
  • Kubernetes and Kubernetes Operators
  • Containerization across different platforms, operating systems, and CPU types. 
  • Proven use of Docker and containerization across different platforms and operating systems.
  • A thorough understanding of microservices and distributed systems. 
  • CI/CD both the principles. 
  • Getting from a problem statement to a workable architecture and software design using OOP, OOD, and general software engineering best practices.         

You should have a good understanding the  following topics:

  • Feature flags, Blue/Green, Canary and Ring release strategies
  • Cloud provider services and capabilities
  • CI/CD both the principles and the experience of setting up a pipeline. 
It would be good if you had some exposure to the following topics: 

  • Best practices and patterns in cloud native transformation and migration. 
  • Private and Public Clouds
  • Micro-service and Serverless architectures
  • Service Meshes

N: HexagonManufacturingIntelligenceHTC

  • Zürich

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