Senior DevOps Engineer (f/m/d)

von: Leica Geosystems AG | Ort: Heerbrugg
N: LeicaGeosystemsAG
This appeals to you

  • Being part of a distributed DevOps team that is part of the software R&D, works very close to software development scrum teams and manages the work by following Scrumban. 
  • Speeding up developers, test automation and DevOps engineers through automation as well as coaching and training engineers to build, test and deploy a wide range of embedded software written in C++, C# and Python. 
  • Strategically selecting and introducing technologies to enhance the efficiency of our CI/CD infrastructure. 
  • Establishing a robust overall system architecture and streamlining pipelines and processes through decision-making.

What you can expect

  • Working on complex challenges that push the boundaries of our skills and knowledge, allowing you to continuously learn and grow technically and personally. 
  • Flexible time management and a healthy work-life balance. Note: Our DevOps team does not run 24/7 services. 
  • Gaining comprehensive insights across diverse software departments: From surveying devices to Leica office software and IT operations. 
This is you

  • Significant hands-on experience as a C++, C# or Python Software Engineer, with a passion for working in a DevOps team. Having a deep understanding of the design and automation of pipelines to build, test, and deploy a wide range of embedded applications.
  •  Exceptional communication and negotiation skills in German and English, with a proven ability to communicate and negotiate effectively in an international and distributed work environment. Additionally, possessing a strong level of assertiveness, enabling confident and impactful representation of ideas and opinions. 
  • A highly motivated and proactive personality with a results-driven approach and a strong commitment to "Getting things done". 
  • Expertise in Infrastructure as Code and a demonstrated track record of automating CI/CD infrastructure using tools such as Ansible, Terraform, Docker, Grafana, and Prometheus.
  • Highly skilled in Git, with a deep understanding of different Git workflows and semantic versioning concepts.
  • Experience in Artifactory or Nexus, TeamCity or Jenkins, Docker, package managers like Nuget, PyPi or Conan  


N: LeicaGeosystemsAG

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