Development Engineer – Flow control in Vacuum

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Our team in Haag, Switzerland is looking for you:


Development Engineer – Flow Control in Vacuum (100%)




The manufacturing of a high-end microchip requires over 1000 production steps. Vacuum valves and gas flow control devices are considered to be critical components as they are in proximity to the semiconductor wafer and impact the process performance. Semiconductor fabs like Intel, Samsung or TSMC have increasing expectations for productivity and production yield. These fabs are increasingly using data generated along the manufacturing process to improve production performance. Smart, connected vacuum components are required for smart semiconductor manufacturing fabs enabling predictive maintenance, increasing performance and productivity.


The technological advancements in the semiconductor industry and scaling to nano-meter structures require a high precision control of process gases during production. To develop the required control technology we are looking for an experienced specialist with passion for fluid dynamics, control theory and system modelling.


In addition your responsibilities are:

  • Development of advanced control algorithms for fast processes using VAT's existing gas delivery and process control technology
  • Technical project leadership: Definition and alignment on specifications with key stake holders, concept creation, development and testing in rapid prototyping system and functional verification using the final products
  • Develop, perform and document experiments (DoE) including results in organized and structured way
  • Cooperate among cross-functional teams of experts within VAT R&D organization and external technology partners
  • Occasional on-site support of newly developed applications/products at customer site.  




  • Engineering Degree (MSc or PhD) in control engineering, mechatronics, mechanical engineering, physics or similar
  • Knowhow in fluid dynamics and control system theory is required
  • 3+ years experience with gas sensing and control technology including in-depth knowledge of MFC, MFM, GFC components and their applications
  • Knowhow and experience with gas/precursor delivery systems in vacuum applications is advantageous
  • Practical experience with deploying control on embedded hardware is a plus
  • Hands on, systematic approach, creative thinker with problem solving skills and team spirit

N: VATVakuumventileAG

  • Haag

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